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pushpam priya chaudhari

Who Is Pushpam Priya Choudhary?

Pushpam Priya Choudhary, the daughter of former Janata DalUnited (JDU Party with Mr. Nitish Kumar as Chief Minister Of Bihar)  MLC Vinod Chaudhary, has declared herself as the “Chief Ministerial candidate” for the upcoming Assembly elections in Bihar.

Ms Choudhary, who is from Bihar’s Darbhanga, lives in London and has announced her candidacy in a full-page advertisement that appeared in several Hindi and English newspapers in Bihar on Sunday.



Pushpam Priya Choudhary’s Education.

Pushpam received her Primary education from Darbhanga’s Holy Cross Missionary School. Later, she moved to Pune (Maharastra) and then to London for her higher education. In 2016, Priya Choudhary completed her Masters in Development Studies from the University of Sussex and then received a masters degree in public administration from the London School of Economics in 2019.

She did Master of Public Administration, London School of Economics and Political Science;


Master of Arts in  Development Studies, IDS,  from the University of Sussex.

Pushpam Priya Choudhary’s Political Background.

She is the daughter of former of Janata Dal (United) leader Vinod Kumar Choudhary. Vinod Kumar originally hails from Darbhanga’s Laheriasarai and has been a journalist for two decades. His father, Umakant Choudhary, a Brahmin, was a close ally of Nitish Kumar’s during the Samta Party days.


Who declared her CM candidate in Bihar?

She calls herself the president of a new-made political party called ‘Plurals’, and declares herself to be a chief ministerial candidate in the upcoming assembly elections in Bihar. 

Why did she get media attention?

On Sunday 8 March 2020, a two-page advertisement published in multiple Hindi and English newspapers in Bihar became a talking point in political circles, on social media and in the other mainstream media.


The ad depicts a woman standing in front of a library, with a black backdrop. To the right of the image, it says, “You focus on climbing the ladder and let us deal with the snakes.”

By snakes whom she wanted to refer!


The woman in the picture is Pushpam Priya Choudhary. In the ad, she calls herself the president of a newly floated political party called ‘Plurals’ and declares herself to be a chief minister candidate in the upcoming assembly elections in Bihar.

Plurals Party Agenda (as in ad)

“Bihar deserves better, and better is possible.”


According to the website:-

who plurals party:-

PLURALS is a political movement focused on the idea that all lives are important and worth finding themselves as an end and not only as an end of themselves. Diversity is our power, and only if everyone regulates is change possible. That was the concept behind the decades of freedom that we won (at least at that time). Sadly, we have become complacent over the years by simply being controlled by “our people.” Surely, or we speak the same language or share the so-called “identity” in the colour of our skin. Yet are they’ our people,’ really?


In 2020, they succeeded in playing you if you assume that underdevelopment is inevitable. It’s more and more that we deserve. By 2020, we have the option to move forward with Plurals and put together a democratic Bihar or maintain the status quo, which just increases the power of the inept politicians and criminals. That is the alternative. It is an alternative. It is straightforward but very necessary.

why plurals party:-


Bihar has the most fertile land in the country, is blessed by a young population and can easily resolve underdevelopment through proper public policy. So why didn’t it occur so far? Why are the workers still searching for employment or employment that is not decent? Our ancestors taught us that “challenging the status quo” is the first step towards improvement. That is the concept of Plurals. It is time we, the Plural Army, become a strong, articulate opposition that questions and demands progress on this government. In this moving planet, we can’t afford to live. We’re just starting. So you’re plural or you’re against your own future. A 3rd alternative is not available.

Pushpam Priya recent Activities:-

  • On 08 March 2020, She registered a new party in Bihar its name is “plurals”.
  • On 13 March 2020, She tweeted an open letter to IRS Anupam.
  • On 14 March 2020, She Visited Nalanda for her party campaigns and gave party membership to Nalanda based Farmer.


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